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Safe Medication Disposal

There are two permanent drop boxes in Lenoir County. One is located in the lobby at the Kinston Department of Public Safety and the other is located at the Realo Pharmacy of Pink Hill. Plans are underway for adding additional permanent drop boxes in our area.


It is important to get rid of medicine that has expired or is no longer needed. There is no set rule for disposing of all medicine, so talk to your community pharmacist about the best way to get rid of unused or unwanted medicine in your home. You can also visit the Food and Drug Administration’s website at www.fda.gov and search for “Rx drug disposal.”

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Safeguarding Prescription Medicine

Safeguarding prescription medicine properly is easy once you know what to do, and it’s important for the health and safety of your family and others who come into your home.

If medicine is not stored properly, there can be serious consequences:

  • The medicine may get into the wrong hands if a family member or visitor takes it without your knowledge. They may use it incorrectly to try to treat a medical condition — or worse, they may abuse it.
  • Heat, humidity, or changes in temperature may damage the medicine.1
  • Children or pets may be accidentally poisoned by ingesting easily accessible medicine.

If you have prescription medicine in your home, it is your responsibility to properly safeguard and dispose of it.

Our Prescription Wallet Cards give the EMS and hospital staff immediate information about your most updated medication information in the case of an emergency.

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