Eating Healthy with Lenoir Minges Wellness Center

Make a Change With HealthyLife® Weigh

This weight management program focuses on weight loss goals supported by healthier nutrition practices and increased physical activity. It is ideal for the individual needing to lose 10-40 pounds, and at a stage of readiness where lifestyle changes can be made. The program is a modified form of the national program, HealthyLife® Weigh, and focuses on the necessary formula for permanent weight loss: balancing calorie intake from food and calorie output through physical activity.

Each series consists of 4 classes and attendance at all 4 classes is necessary for completion:

• Class #1: Get the Ball Rolling (Portion Distortion, Meal Plans, Tracking)

• Class #2: More or Less (Nutrients to Increase & Decrease)

• Class #3: Smart Choices (Grocery Shopping, Recipe Makeovers, Eating Out)

• Class #4: Mind over Matter (Emotional Eating, Slips, & Staying on Track)

Participants will receive two months membership in the Minges Wellness Center with an individual exercise plan developed with an exercise specialist. Required registration for each session may be completed by calling the Minges Wellness Center at 252-522-7014.

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