How to Battle “The Covid-19” Weight Gain

Times have been tough with the coronavirus pandemic. People are experiencing more stress and anxiety, while being stuck in their homes. This is the perfect storm for gaining extra unwanted pounds.

Here are some tips to get rid of “The Covid 19 Weight Gain:”

Track food intake and monitor calories by using a phone app such as “My Fitness Pal”, “Lose It”, “FitBit”, etc.

Read food labels carefully! Focus on the serving size and total calories.

Measure serving sizes using measuring cups, spoons, and/or food scale.

Always eat 3 meals per day at scheduled times. Do not go longer than 4-6 hours while awake without eating.

Follow the “My Plate” method (

Meal plan and make a grocery shopping list. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and never go shopping while you’re hungry.

Avoid mindless snacking.

Only eat when you are physically hungry. Recognize the difference between physical hunger vs emotional hunger:

  • Physical Hunger comes on gradually; it has been several hours since you last ate; stomach feels empty; feel sluggish or without energy.
  • Emotional Hunger comes on suddenly; you only crave certain foods (high fat, high sugar); you eat only because it looks or smells good; response to boredom, stress, depression, or anxiety.

Choose mainly fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low fat dairy, and heart healthy fats.

Avoid sugar sweetened beverages, concentrated sweets, fried foods, and processed foods.

Move more! Stay active by walking outside or download free workouts from “You Tube.”

Manage your stress levels by trying meditation apps, deep breathing, yoga, aromatherapy, massage therapy, etc.

For individualized recommendations, calorie/macronutrient goals, and meal plans, make an appointment with a dietitian.

Many insurance companies cover outpatient nutrition counseling. For more information, please contact:

Mary Nocera, RD, LDN

Enjoy these healthy, budget-friendly recipes!

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Mary Nocera, RD