HealthLink Fall 2016

Change is in the air at Lenoir.  We’re changing our name and partnering to protect the future of health care in this community, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our mission to ensure exceptional health care to the people we serve. In March, the Lenoir Memorial Hospital Board of Directors voted to enter into exclusive negotiations with UNC Health Care, and in May those negotiations were finalized with Lenoir Memorial entering into a management agreement with UNC Health Care.  And now after 43 years as Lenoir Memorial Hospital our name has changed to UNC Lenoir Health Care safeguarding health care in this community for generations to come.  The affiliation with UNC Health Care will provide a broad scope of resources and experience to benefit our population including expansion of locally available hospital and community-based patient care services.  The partnership is expected to assist with the local recruitment of highly skilled physicians, improve patient satisfaction and enhance operational efficiencies.  “Before we even signed the contract we were feeling the benefits of our relationship with UNC Health Care.  Their support has already realized great savings to this organization and they are helping us in many areas including improving our patients’ experiences.  The Board of Directors is pleased with our progress and we look forward to evolving into a health care organization prepared to meet our communities’ needs for years to come,” said Gary Black, President and CEO of UNC Lenoir Health Care.

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