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Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

Under the direct medical care of Dr. Charles Moore and Dr. Joel Rose, OPTIFAST® allows participants to take control of their health through a comprehensive, physician-monitored weight loss plan.

OPTIFAST® is a 12 week medically based obesity treatment program that focuses on those at risk for chronic conditions due to excess body weight. The individualized approach of this program provides an affordable way to reduce the health burdens of obesity. OPTIFAST® products are low in fat, contain a high quality protein, and provide 100% of recommended nutrients in 5 servings.

Program Information

OPTIFAST® Program Overview:

What you can expect:

+ Medical supervision to support your goals and manage weight-related health problems.

+ A nutritionally dense, calorie controlled, meal replacement diet to narrow food choices and reduce overall intake.

+ One-on-one coaching sessions with the dietitian to discuss barriers to weight loss.

+ Bi-monthly support groups.

+ Lifestyle education provided to help you achieve and sustain better health through nutrition, exercise, and behavior modifications.

+ Personal guidance from an exercise specialist and health coach.

+ 6 month membership to the Minges Wellness Center.

+ Ongoing personalized support to help you achieve and maintain success.

Candidate Requirements

OPTIFAST® is designed for patients with a BMI, or Body Mass Index, of at least 30.

Patients that are overweight, with a BMI of 25 to 29, can be evaluated on an individual basis to determine if they are appropriate for enrollment within the program.

All participants must be at least 18 years of age.

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Three phases of OPTIFAST®

1. Active Weight Loss: 4-5 week full meal replacement diet with OPTIFAST® products to initiate weight loss.

2. Transition Phase: Reintroduction of self-prepared healthy meals and snacks into the diet.

3. Long-Term Weight Management Phase: Lifelong support after completion of the 12 week program.

Health Benefits of the OPTIFAST® Diet

+ Appropriate calorie level to promote significant weight loss.

+ Reduction in obesity related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis.

+ Improved quality of life.

Financial Benefits of Weight Loss

+ Lower healthcare spending.

+ Decreased prescription medication spending.

+ Reduction in missed work due to sick days.

Nutritional Counseling

Individual counseling sessions with a registered dietitian are available. These sessions focus on weight loss and weight management, and each client will receive a personalized nutrition treatment plan based on their needs. Goal setting and customized meal planning will be utilized to achieve successful weight loss.

Learn More about HealthyLife Weigh® –
A Non-Surgical Weight Loss Option

This 4 week weight management program focuses on weight loss goals supported by healthier nutrition practices and increased physical activity. It is ideal for the individual needing to lose 10-40 pounds and at a stage of readiness where lifestyle changes can be made.


Dr Charles Moore – Lenoir Bariatrics Surgeon

Dr. Moore received his residency at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Moore is married to Lisa, a professor at ECU Brody School of Medicine. They have three children.

Dr. Charles Moore, DO

Dr Joel Rose – Lenoir Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Rose received his residency at East Carolina University. His specialty is in general surgery, advanced GI and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Rose is married to Deana-Marie and they have two children.

Dr. Joel Rose, MD

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